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covering a wide variety of topics, from business and career development to fashion and lifestyle. My work has appeared on Refinery29, TIME, Fast Company, and more. By day, I work in book publishing.

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Dgibbons oursharedshelf logodark article
The Gloss

Emma Watson's Feminist Book Club Renewed My Hope

No matter how many sentences I type and delete, this opening paragraph ends up sounding like the opening of Love Actually, so I’m just going with it.

Traditional brush article
The Gloss

I Tested Kiesque Liquid Palisade For At-Home Manicures

Despite all the hype about Kiesque Liquid Palisade, I was not convinced. I thought it might be another great beauty idea that fails in execution—a product designed to make life easier that only ends up complicating things.

Gettyimages 512944838 article
The Gloss

7 Outfits That Will Make Priyanka Chopra Your New Style Obsession

Suffice it to say that America is way behind on the Priyanka Chopra bandwagon. She is one of India’s most beloved (and highest paid) actresses—not to mention a super successful singer, producer, producer, columnist, and philanthropist.

Jane brit1 article
The Gloss

Jane the Virgin Costume Designer Rachel Sage Kunin Takes Us ...

Last night, the endlessly impressive Jane the Virgin writers pulled off one of the more difficult moves in television—effectively incorporating a super-famous guest star.

Liner designer 3 article
The Gloss

Read This Before You Buy The Beautyblender Liner Designer

Back in January when Beautyblender announced their newest product, the beauty blogosphere went nuts.

Female writers readers article
The Gloss

10 Breakout Female Novelists Debuting This Month

In the publishing world, getting published in September is a compliment. It’s a vote of confidence.

Hair straightening article
The Gloss

Beware The Brazilian Blowout

Hair straightening with a side of…formaldehyde?

Fashion podcasts article
The Gloss

7 Style Podcasts Every Fashionista Should Be Listening To

I’ll be the first to admit that I was late to the podcast game, but now that I’m in it I am IN IT.

Closet article
The Gloss

On Overcoming Closet Paralysis

Closet paralysis: /ˈkläzət pəˈraləsəs/ (noun) : an affliction which occurs when a person, often female, looks into her closet in an attempt to dress herself, and finds herself incapable of action.

Lash extenze article
The Gloss

Are $500 Mink Eyelashes Worth It? I Found Out

Yes, there is mink fur glued to my face right now. And I am so beyond okay with it.

Austin scarlett corn husk dress article
The Gloss

14 Project Runway Dresses That Helped Me Love Fashion

When Season One of Project Runway premiered, I was 12 years old. Solidly in the prime of my awkward phase, and having just started seventh grade at a new, all-girls school with exactly 16 people in my entire class.

Shoemuseum lausanne img 7291 article
The Gloss

Extinct Fashion Trends: Chopines Were The Renaissance's Take On ...

List of things that flourished in Renaissance Italy: philosophy, art, science, platform shoes.

Reading female authors this summer article
The Gloss

Why I'm Only Reading Books By Female Authors This Summer

I spent my four years of college delving deep into the foundations of Western civilization in a 60-credit major called the Program of Liberal Studies—one of the greatest decisions of my life. BUT.

Cynthia article
The Gloss

Citizen's Mark Founder Champions Ethical Fashion

Almost as soon as we meet, Citizen’s Mark founder and CEO Cynthia Salim proudly declares, “Our vision is to be the go-to brand for a generation of socially conscious and empowered women on the rise.” I am so listening.

Kyle kayley wear your label article
The Gloss

Wear Your Label Uses Fashion To Talk About Mental Health

Ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. Changing fashion industry standards. Creating clothes that genuinely make you feel good.