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I'm a freelance writer

covering a wide variety of topics, from business and career development to fashion and lifestyle. My work has appeared on Refinery29, TIME, Fast Company, and more. By day, I work in book publishing.

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Find your passion 010116 624x468 article

How Can You Follow Your Passion if You Don't Know What it Is ...

Happy 2016, my friends. Still in the process of discovering your passion? Great, let’s get started.

Fearless 010516 624x468 article

What Makes Someone Fearless? - Levo

If I learned anything from The Princess Diaries, it is first, to never go for the conventionally hot guy, second, that eyebrows really do have the power to transform your entire face, and finally, that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

Habitual lateness 120915 624x468 article

How to Be the Person Who *Never* Misses a Deadline - Levo

I’ll be the first one to admit that in certain areas of my life, I have fallen into a pattern of lateness.

How to get away with murder tv 121015 624x468 article

'How to Get Away With Murder' Costume Designer Linda Bass on the Kooky Way She Got Her Big Break

The How To Get Away With Murder fall finale revealed a lot, but who was responsible for all those power looks along the way?

Ode to my fellow hustlers 080315 624x468 article

How to Stop Yourself from Overscheduling ~ Levo League

Over the past six months, my calendar has become a battle zone.

John green characters 072415 624x468 article

15 Times a John Green Character Totally Understood You ~ Levo ...

It’s no secret that John Green will make you cry.

Books for inspiring when looking for job 070915 624x468 article

9 Inspiring Books That'll Make Job Hunting Less Horrible ~ Levo ...

In writing “5 Ways To Beat the Job Search Blues, From People Who Have Been There,” I heard again and again that while looking for a job, you can’t just look for a job.

Missy elliot feminist quotes 070115 624x468 article

8 Epic Feminist Missy Elliott Lyrics in Honor of Her Birthday

Of the innumerable reasons to celebrate amazing women on any given day, today’s is a personal favorite of mine.

Younger publishing industry 060915 624x451 article

7 Things “Younger” Got Right About the Publishing Industry ~ Levo ...

If you missed the first season of Younger, buckle up for binge-watching heaven.

Julia louis dreyfus veep 052115 624x451 article

Veep's Costume Designer on Her “Accidental Career”—and What ...

Suffice it to say that when you’re on a first-name basis with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, you’ve made it in the television industry.

The politics of promotions 062415 624x468 article

The Politics of Promotions: What Every Woman Needs to Know ...

What happened? they ask. In short, politics.

Lunch break ideas 092815 624x468 article

6 Unusual Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself During Your Lunch Break

Capitalizing on your lunch hour as often as possible is important. That doesn’t need to mean spending a ton of money or even spending a full hour of time. It does, however, mean doing more than scarfing down a PB&J at your desk. Lunch is an opportunity to give yourself...

Exercising before after work 061715 624x451 article

The Pros and Cons of Exercising Before and After Work

Early birds can never seem to say enough about the joys of morning exercise. Like we get it, you’re super awake right now. But if you’re not a morning person, waking up an extra hour and a half earlier sounds not only like torture, but also physically impossible. So is...

Middle children 081215 624x468 article

The Secret Talents of Middle Children That Make Them Stealth Leaders

Middle children of the world, today is your day. Literally. August 12th is National Middle Child Day, and I’m the awkward first-born in the room, here to wish joy and tidings all you middles out there. While much is made of the dreaded “Middle Child Syndrome,” middle children are actually...

Words to sound smarter 071615 624x468 article

10 Words That Will Make You Sound Smarter at Work

Subtitle: Without sounding like a prick. There is a special art to choosing the perfect word for a situation, particularly in the workplace. You want your vocabulary to be impressive but not so impressive it garners scoffs, professional but not stiff. It has to sound natural in context, like you’......