Kelsey Manning

Kelsey Manning

I'm a freelance writer

covering a wide variety of topics, from business and career development to fashion and lifestyle. My work has appeared on Refinery29, TIME, Fast Company, and more. By day, I work in book publishing.

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Bedroom brit 031 article
Brit + Co.

7 Book Series That Will Rekindle Your Love of Reading | Brit + Co

National Reading Month has us thinking about books that made us fall in love with reading to begin with.

Levo1 article
Brit + Co.

The Pros and Cons of Exercising Before and After Work

This might change when you exercise for good....

Calendar article
Brit + Co.

How to Stop Overscheduling Yourself

Learn the art of *not* overscheduling....

Levo4 article
Brit + Co.

The Secret Talents of Middle Children That Make Them Stealth Leaders

Middle children, this one's for YOU!...

Jan 13 645x644 article
Brit + Co.

10 Smart Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview

Here's what to get down to after the small talk....

Open uri20160512 27655 pf8rb3 article
Brit + Co.

How to Tell If You’re Bored or Just Plain Unhappy at Work

How to tell if you're bored or just downright miserable at work....

Open uri20160512 27655 12kvhsd article
Brit + Co.

The Art of Writing a Thank You Note After an Interview

It's actually REALLY important....

Open uri20160512 27655 1jqsm1e article
Brit + Co.

Science Says There Are 4 Types of Introverts: Which One Are You?

Here's how introverts can tap into their secret power....

Open uri20160512 27655 zkm9ke article
Brit + Co.

6 Creative Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself During Your Lunch Break

Because eating at your desk could actually be doing more harm than good....